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Hello guys I hope that everyone is going great .before I brust my anger I just want to make one thing clear :-


Ok dear cvs enough of your playing with us seriously now I cant take it anymore you know what guys in recent weeks whenever I use to lose my cool some of my good friend use to say keep believe in cvs they will make everything all right but guy now my believe is shaking up badly yrkkh as come 9th position in trp chart I don’t know about you but now it’s the wake up call for cvs for 8 yrs cvs were making a base and now when it is time to make monument on that base these cvs are only messing up with their base platform for 8 yrs .over the time yrkkh has seen many up and down over the time I have love some track I have dislike some track especially the devyani-rajshekhar track saw lots of crticisment but still loyal viewrs like me kept faith but know my faith in you cvs is shaking up badly all I want to tell you guys is wake-up before yrkkh is out of top -10 .you know what cvs for the downfall of yrkkh only and only you are responsible you guys have so badly messed up story that know you yourself are in spider –web one way or another you are going to messed up . let me tell you one fact guys the reason yrkkh have stayed for 8 yrs the most beloved serial on Indian television was due to the fact the nayi soch they portrayed as to how a simple girl akshara married to naitik a strikes a balance between being maheswaris daughter and shinghaniyas bahu and how her in-laws guide like her mother scold her like her father (and not father-in-law or mother-in-law) and how naitik helps her in doing all this . but guys then to shinghaniyas weren’t shown as rich arrogant brats and neither maheswaris were shown as shinghaniyas slaves , what ever problem akshara faced were natural what at that time was shown was the thinking gap between old-young people and how together everyone bridge the gap for example when akshara came as the new bahu she had problem in keeping pallu over her head and gaytri wanted her to learn as it was ritual then akshara with the help of naitik explain her that why it is difficult and then finally dadaji gave her permission to be bare headed now this was the beauty of yrkkh both akshaara and gayatri were correct akshara couldn’t keep pallu as she had never kept so it was hard for her to manage and gayatri wanted it because she wanted to keep the tradition alive now both the person involve kept their views and the dadaji gave verdict in favour of akshara and explain it gayatri that tradition are kept alive by heart and not these kind of show of .know this was the beauty of yrkkh

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 23 March 2017 Written Episode

1] both the person involve were allowed to kept their views
2} the verdict wasn’t passed by the akshara or by gayatri the veridict was given by dadaji as the oldest member of the family
3} all this was done peacefully no blaming no shouting no thod-phod AND MOST IMPORTANTLY EVERYONE KEPT THEIR OPINION AND NOT FORCED THEIR OPINION
But the reason that elders could take the decision was that elder be it dadaji or dadi maheswari showed maturity or the ability to understand the problem without being judgemental .but know coming to current situation well for god sake don’t dare to put dadi goenka in the category of DM or dadaji she is one of the most irritatating arrogant character which I don’t know for what reason I bear . know coming to current scenario of yrkkh well I don’t know why everything is messed up

1) The first mistake and the major mistake cvs are making is :- to cut one hypocrite(dadi goenka ) they are using another hypocrite (naira ) which at the end is resulting in double hypocrisy. for example at first they showed that naira don’t like heavy jewellary and dadi goenka like heavy jewellary now in sangeet function they are showing just opposite naira wanting to heavy jewellary and dadi goenka stopping her( I told you both dadi goenka and naira are biggest hypocrites on yrkkh rite know) I know you are still not convince with my statement well remember naira dance competition after marriage well at that time dadi goenka shouted on kiran becoz she didn’t like her goenka bahu dancing with some other man expect her husband believe me it was the cheapest meantality possible but then did dadi goenka faced anykind or ire from naira no ,from karthik again no ,from manish keerti suwarna any other goenka no ,from shinghaniyas well no . no dadi goenka for her cheap mentality (she wasn’t even confronted properly) didn’t faced any kind of ire from anyone what she said was willingly or unwillingly accepted by goenkas and shinghaniyas both know coming to another situation here baisa take keerti for sudhikaran puja with pure motives it didn’t cause any harm (unlike dadi goenka move which made kiran leave the competition) well know come the major play kaira come to know about and then comes the boom naira breaks matki karthik along with naira shout at baisa shinghaniyas show their ire now I ask simple question the girl who couldn’t stand for her own self respect was shouting breaking things for some else didn’t this shows the hollowness of naira character ?? sorry guys after all this naira character appear like a hollow person with hypocrite mentality desperately trying to become great or mahan for everyone

2) None problem that naira faced after marriage are natural all are man-made probleam ( whereas after marriage whatever akashara faced was a natural proleam that anyone will face as new bride) I know you guys don’t believe me so take the problem mahaboj problem well naira was told not to do anything but she wanted to become mahan so that problem appear .karthik-suwarna-manish problem again a man-made thing , dadi goenka problem (well if she was in my contact list I would have named her problem calling) keerthi-aditya problem again naira poked her nose tell me problem in which naira didn’t poked her nose and she found herself in mess .No you wont be able to pin-point single problem . because I tell you the matter it is as simple as this naira as to poke her nose in everything and the she cries that she is in mess

3) Dear cvs I can never forgive you for the way you handle akshara death sequence seriously I am still raged thinking about it I mean how could you give only naira the right to take decision on the be-half of everyone believe me more than her it was naitik and naksh right they were way more attached to akshara. naira for once live eight yrs without akshara but naksh couldn’t even think about that naitaik wont even think about leaving akshara how come you guys give that responsibility to only naira it was in other simple way a declination of right to naitik and naksh and guess what though goenkas commit mistake but at the end it was naira who was making a sorry face for karthik .SERIOUSLY?????? and if this is not enough then mansi and the person responsible to hide all this walk away and they all were at the end celebrating WTH? Goenkas for once didn’t even try to ACTUALLY apologize all they did was to make sorry faces and then party

4) Kaira well dear cvs as far as I know their relation was supposed to be of husband wife ie of equality but sorry till know at every major point karthik becomes like a grumpy kid then naira like a good teacher make sorry face plead sorry sorry all the time .take the first major accident that is akshara death and naira blaming karthik and then after everything get clear karthik become a grumpy kid who wont talk or try to understand or for once show maturity and then naira was again pleading for forgivness .karthik too lost his mother couldn’t he understand naira’s pain no excepting this is too much .then when akshara death truth come out then to karthik become the grumpy kid and in other way order naira to comeback or their relation is for toss and in current situation also its karthik who is wrong but then naira is one pleading apologize and cvs you want us to accept them as nkashara seriously?? And guess what rajshri in yesterday episode said that kaira are different yet they look so good together well seriously are they different ?? both of them are punishing everyone for their own misunderstanding naira punished everyone including akshara becoz of her inability to understand akshara and here too karthik punished manish and suwarna and everyone becoz of his inability to understand them .

both of them are mannerless rich arrogant brat who are more childish then the any child could every be . btw karthik you are getting so angry on everyone becoz they are just calling your mother mentally ill just imagine how much anger naksh must have felt when he came to know about his mother’s death truth in which you all goenkas were directly or indirectly involve but like you did he misbehaved no he handle everything calmly and maturely and know that is the exact reason why you guys are celebrating varna if naksh would have reacted the way like you forget celebrating he wouldn’t even for once look at you and guess what everyone sing nayi soch nayi soch all the time whenever we talk about kaira well guys climbing trees for romance , romancing in front of everyone shouting at elders isn’t nayi soch at all

5) Keerti met naksh becoz of NAIRA
Naksh agreed to marry keerti becoz of NAIRA
Manish was getting close to karthik becoz of NAIRA
sHinghaniya forgave goenkas becoz of NAIRA
dadi goenka is happy ,sad,angry anything becoz of NAIRA

6) GIVE SOME BACK-BONE TO GOENKAS LAIDIES all they do is plead forgiveness every time.gayatri no matter how harsh she was on akshara at being but when naitik was at coma for five years she managed house and naksh properly so that akshara could work not only that she was the one who come up with the name naksh as combination of both nakshara so in short she had back-bone and abitlity to understand situation and act accordingly plus in adverse condition she supported akshara and here we have suwarna who never support naira openly or handle thing for her only thing she do is to plead forgiveness. And please stop kirti and suwarna crying they start crying at the drop of hat.surekha to all the time is sorry to dg

7) Enough for today just to end the essay on happy note I AM TELLING A BIG COINCIDENCE I don’t know how many of you notice but I was recently watching old yrkkh episode and that to episode 1 in which akshara goes to temple to get her wish ful-filled of watching a hrithik roshan movie eventually I realize that akshara was a huge fan of hrithik roshan now akshara first child that it naksh share his pet name duggu with hrithik roshan and guess what his sangeet performance song with keerti was hrithik first movie song kaho na pyar hai well hrithik roshan defiantly has some connection with akshara and naksh don’t know why but I feel it a HAPPY COINCIDENCE

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