waaris 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update

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waaris 21st March 2017 Written Update Episode

The Episode starts with Raj seeing Mannu in girl’s avatar. He asks what are you doing here, covering yourself with blanket. He says its good I got you, I m finding you since I saw you, I had your anklet and wanted to return it, I will give this when you say your name. He introduces himself as Rajveer, and says you can call me Raj by love. He says I like it, you are shy, come we will go inside and talk. She says no, my dad left me, if he sees me with you, it will be problem, please go. He says don’t take tension, there was no one. She says he will be coming, I will go and see, don’t go anywhere, I have to talk a lot, I will just come. He goes to see.

Mannu takes the Pagdi and hides. Raj goes back and says I have seen, there is no one. He sees her gone and says she did not say her name. Mohini says my plan failed again, marriage did not break, Amba got good fate, if Harjeet knows this, I have to eat chilli again. Pammi says my friend is Pavaniya’s neighbor, Pinky said Gunjan does not want to marry Aman. Mohini says this news should be used.

Mannu ties her hair and wears Pagdi. She thinks of Raj. Mannu goes to Rajveer. Raj asks what are you doing here. Mannu asks how do you know this place. Raj asks did you see her. Mannu asks him to answer. Raj asks what’s in this place which I should not know. Mannu says tell me. Rajveer says I will say, come with me. He shows nameboard. Mannu says I thought …. Raj says you thought your childhood friend Raj… Mannu asks what did you say. Raj says I was just asking, did you and Amba fight, you don’t want to get Gunjan married, I saw you worried and came after you, you disappeared, I m not your old friend, but you can trust me, maybe miracle happens in this beautiful place, tell me what is the matter.

Mannu says Gunjan does not want to do this marriage, she is against arranged marriage, mummy wants Gunjan to marry Aman, as the family is good, Pavaniyas will get ahead of Bajwas, Gunjan can’t tell this to Amba and asked my help. Raj says so you want to help Gunjan. Mannu asks is there any way, just mind your own business. Raj laughs and says you are foolish, you become big Shah, I think Pavaniyas bad days are going to come. Mannu holds his collar angrily. Raj says make Gunjan fall in love with Aman, your problem ends, once Gunjan loves Aman, this arrange marriage will change into love marriage.

Mannu says this is not easy. Raj says its not tough, we can try. Mannu asks will you help me in breaking this marriage if this fails. Raj says if we get together as friends, we can do anything. Raj and Mannu shake hands.

Gunjan asks Mannu and Raj where are they taking her. Raj says your engagement has two days, focus on marriage. Gunjan scolds them. She asks Raj to take car back. Raj stops the car and says car broke down. Mannu asks will this plan work. Raj says I m sure Aman goes home from this route after morning walk. Mannu sees Aman passing by. Aman stops his car. Raj greets him. Aman asks what’s the problem. Raj says car broke down, if you want to help, drop Gunjan home. Aman says why not, Gunjan come. Gunjan says no, I will sit in my car, I will not go with any guy. Raj says he is your would be husband. Raj says fine, we will go to mechanic, you both sit here. He asks Aman to be with Gunjan, she is sitting alone in middle of the market, Mannu and I will come back soon. Aman says fine, I will stay here till you come. Raj and Mannu leave.

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