Swabhimaan 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update

Written Episode Update of Swabhimaan 22nd March 2017.Swabhimaan 22nd March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on Written.pk. Swabhimaan 22 March 2017 Written Episode Update – Telly Updates.

Swabhimaan 22nd March 2017 Written Update Episode

The Episode starts with Karan taking off his shirt. Sandhya tells that she feels pain to see his skin infection, and feels helpless for not being able to do something for him. Karan thanks her and says you both have done so much for me, and this work thank is small for your gesture. Meanwhile Naina informs Vishal that Karan is having skin infection. Vishal is shocked to hear this.

Nirmala tells Meghna that she thought she is a having good values and expected her to be good bahu. She says a son is not talking to her father because of you and asks what did you say to him. Meghna thinks she is taking out her frustration on her and thinks she shall relieve her heart. Nirmala asks her to talk to Kunal and asks him to talk to Nand Kishore. Meghna tells that change is happening. She says now Papa needs you and asked your help. Nirmala says he asked me to make Kunal talk to him. Meghna says he knew that Kunal will not talk to him and that’s why he asked your help and did your jai jai kar. Nirmala says I don’t want to listen and asks her to talk to Kunal. Meghna refuses and smiles.

Meghna says you will talk to Kunal as it is not easy to change his mind. He might refuse wife’s saying, but not his mum’s saying. She says Papa asked you something and you will give him that. Nirmala holds her hand and apologizes to Meghna. Meghna says you are our mum and have all rights to scold or love us. She thinks she will wait for the day when both her mothers will be respected. Nirmala comes to Kunal and asks him to talk to Nand Kishore and stop the drama. Kunal says sorry and says he can’t talk to him. Nirmala says this is Bau ji’s house and says you can’t misbehave with your father. I don’t want to hear anything and asks him to talk to Nand Kishore tomorrow. Kunal smiles seeing her ordering him and asks whatever happened to you is good. He says I can’t refuse you. He says I am not tradition, but you means a lot to me, and is on his top priority. Meghna hears them and smiles.

Khyati comes and informs that Karan got rashes on his body. Nirmala and Kunal come to his room. Naina tells them that Sandhya is handling him. Sandhya opens the door and says she has applied ointment and he will be fine. Naina feels bad. Nirmala asks Naina why did you do this? You know that he can’t play holi and then also threw holi on him. Karan thinks if she knows everything. Nirmala asks Sandhya if she told truth to Naina. Sandhya panics. Karan thinks she might have heard me saying that. Dada ji comes and asks what happened? Kunal says he is acting. Karan asks if he knows then why did he come? Meghna asks Kunal to support Karan being his brother.

Dada ji tells that someone is here who is uniting the brothers. He asks Karan to forgive Naina and says she is clean hearted girl. Vishal tells Naina that nobody can skin reaction with organic colors. He tells that he has to leave as Sharda called and informed that CM wants Doctors meeting the villagers. He says he will check about Karan’s illness. Naina calls shop keeper and asks why did you send normal colors instead of organic. Man says this is not possible and asks her to send those colors back. She asks servant about the colors. He tells that he has thrown it. He checks the packet and tells that organic and normal colors are 25 each. Naina thinks she had bought 50 packets.

Sharda tells Vishnu that CM called them regarding his project. Vishnu asks her to go. Kalpana says he called you as he wants to be your friend. Sharda says he wants even teachers to get involved in his project so he called teachers also along with doctors. Asha taunts Sharda and says CM will not approve the project until you approve and says it is a good idea to meet this way. Kalpana taunts and asks her to meet CM in park, like couples meet on Valentine’s day. Meghna asks Naina to get something kept in store room and asks her about Karan. Naina says I will do the work. Meghna says okay and asks her to smile. Naina hugs her. She thinks to find out who has mixed/changed the colors. Karan comes. Naina apologizes to him. Karan says you knows about me and still staying with me and says this is pity. Naina looks on.

Precap: Meghna tells that they shall stop taking newspaper as every news is available online. Sandhya asks her not to interfere. Meghna tells her that she was saying that they can read as much news as possible online. Nand Kishore asks her to show. Meghna shows the mobile. Nand Kishore says this is wonderful. Sandhya is shocked. Later Naina gets organic colors packet in the storeroom and enquires with the servant. He tells Sandhya came there. Naina is shocked.

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