Sanyukt 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update

Written Episode Update of Sanyukt 22nd March 2017.Sanyukt 22nd March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on Sanyukt 22 March 2017 Written Episode Update – Telly Updates.

Sanyukt 22nd March 2017 Written Update Episode

Gayatri confronts Rita that she will not let her force Falak and Bejal to stay with nanny, she will take care of children instead. She reminds her how much she used to take care of Uday as she loves him like a son, similarly she loves Falak and Bejal and does not differentiate between them and Uday. She continues that Uday will teach Falak and Bejal and asks Uday to speak. Uday says he does not have any problem and even Falak and Bejal will love it. Gayatri takes Uday’s oath and says she will not let Falak and Bejal speak to Niranjan without Rita’s permission. Rita silently stands continue her grudge. Gayatri extends her pallu and pleads to let her take care of Falak and Bejal. Rita reminisces what all Gayatri did before and Niranjan telling Gayatri likes gossiping, etc.., and walks away with jealous face. Whole family stands silently. Parimal tries to console Gayatri.

Rita goes to children’s room. Children does not speak to her. She asks what happened. She says she is very bad, she does not let them speak to papa and now taimaa, she forced bad nanny on them, does not have time for them. They kept quiet thinking she is busy with her work, but she is very bad. They go and side aside. Rita starts crying.

Parimal and whole family try to console Gayatri, but she continues crying. Rita comes with Falak and Bejal and tells Gayatri that she has rehearsals tonight and Falak and Bejal does not want to sleep alone, so if she can let them sleep in her room. Gayatri gets very happy. Chilren run and hug her.

Precap: Rahul gets stomach ache again and looking at Tanu’s pic says he is suffering for the mistake she did and it will continue his whole life.

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