Kaala Teeka 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kaala Teeka 22nd March 2017 Written Update Episode

Scene 1
Naina says my head hurts. Thakur says you must be tired. dont’ worry. Krishan recalls marrying Pavitra. He recalls naina calling thakur her husband. He hits the table and cuts his hand. PAvitra comes in. Krishna says get out of here. You are nothing in this house. Pavitra says she has lost her memories. I and Naina were leaving. Someone hit her head and thakur took her with him. She really loved you. I didn’t know if you would believe or not. I married you because I wanted to save Naina. Please trust me. He throws away the arti. He says don’t think I will believe you. You and your sister played this game to become queen on this palace. You both are pretending.

Krishna says to Niana get out of this house. Naina says what have I done? He says wow you dont even know. Thakur comes. Naina says what was krishna saying? Thakur says he is stupid. Don’t you worry. Naina says I feel like I have heard him before. Thakur says you met him before. He makes her drink water. Naina says my head hurts.
Thakur and Mai take Naina out.
Mai says to Pavitra why are you doing all this? Pavitra syas I have to save my sister. Mai says my chutki died because of her.

Scene 2
Pavitra is kidnapped by thakur. Her thugs give her food. He says now her feet move. They are playing cards. Chutki sneaks out. She finds a phone and tries to call someone. Pavitra picks the phone. The thug takes the phone from Chutku.
Pavitra says on call please listen to me. Mai overhears her. She says i wanted to ask if the men of our village are out of your detention? Mai wonders what is she talking about. She goes out.
Pavitra says mai I dont want to hurt you but saving Naina is the most important right now. She sees thakur coming. He has gun in his hamd.

Pavitra comes to Naina’s room. She says try to recall. I am your sister. We were separated in chilhood. You came here looking for us. That thakur hit you in head. Please recall. I am your sister. She shows her the symbol on her hand. Pavitra says see the same on your arm. Naina shows her arm and says there is no such symbol. Pavitra is dazed. Naina says stop this drama. Pavitra has a knife in her hand. Naina says give it to me. you are my sister give it to me. Pavitra gives her knife. Naina slits her wrist. Pavitra screams.

Precap-Pavitra says if I have to die to save your life I will do that. She is about to faint. Naina holds her. Pavitra says that thakur is not your husband.

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