Dhaani 20 December 2016 Episode 22 Geo TV

Short Story of Dhaani Drama: Dhaani had her bad experience after getting rejected but looks like even though Sameer is unhappy about how things are shaping up in his life, the main reason of his restlessness is Dhaani. Dhaani was down & depressed but what pushed her to the limit was when she heard from Shaani that Sameer wanted to speak to her for the very last time. Dhaani knows that there’s nothing that he can or he will do, so there’s no point in giving him another chance. Sameer has been unable to figure out what is bothering him, like is it the unnecessary pressure that his family has put on him or is it the void that Dhaani has left in his life, which is why he is getting quite anxious & angry as the days are passing. Dhaani 20 December 2016

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